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Linear Sweep 16Hz-20kHz, 1/f^2 power spectrum 0:05
Unicorn tears album cover
Unicorn Tears 4:53
I made this for Tori A.K.A KibaXKima.
The long way 4:19
just listen to it
Tumblr mbt9yfn23r1rwsn1to1 500
Sakura 2:51
A piano only track. Tranquil and peaceful. Reminiscent of Studio Ghibli movies.
Spaghetto 2:35
Landslide ft. Geek 3:11
Ball So Hard (Clouds Remix) 3:19
Bricks (Bootleg) 3:06
Screen shot 2015 03 15 at 00.32.02
Bitterness (ft. Laura James) 1:43
Relaxed electronic track; mastered. Nice drop, pretty gentle, hopefully a track you enjoy:)

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