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Linear Sweep 16Hz-20kHz, 1/f^2 power spectrum 0:05
Img 0351
Gorgeous Life 3:52
Just a happy ambient dance tune.
Doctor Who Theme Remix 1:17
Feat. Eleven and Susan
User pic  1
Yea That Happened 0:27
Battle No. 1 1:53
Use this shit for battle.
[insert dad joke] 0:52
Barbecue skills +100
Just because i play WoW, doesnt mean im a nerd 1:32
Dont let anyone tell you that you're a nerd. You're so gangster.
Pimpin' in my Honda Civic 0:31
just an average jam (loopable)
No sex, no drugs, just Jesus 0:48
I dont really know where this one came from, but its got a weird vinyl scratch at the beginning and then an odd beat that i kinda like. you could probably loop it if you need it to be longer.

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