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Some kid with an electronic habit. All music made and edited using FL Studio 12

Music from Rowdyy Ghost

A new electronica setlist by RyanKidWunder (Now known as Rowdyy Ghost)

Release tracks

Music Spring (remix) Lighthouses 1:47
Lighthouses Lighthouses 3:27
Far Far Away Lighthouses 3:30
Coma Lighthouses 2:21
Sewer War Heroes Lighthouses 5:14
Tonight Lighthouses 3:42
In this set list, you see RyanKidWunder's top 8 tracks (based off of popularity on

Release tracks

Tri-Light The Valley 4:45
Breach The Valley 4:35
Shock Pulse The Valley 5:06
Kill'em All The Valley 3:43
Kewl The Valley 1:48
Gasp The Valley 3:19
Hold On Tight (Don't Let Go) The Valley 4:30
Crystal Rain The Valley 3:09
Tonight The Valley 3:42